Palindrones Palindrones Filthy Little Hands

Drawn By: Marc Pacifici & Travis Jackson

Palindrones - Filthy Little Hands first 3D zine - published in 2014 is a book of psychedelic collaborative doodles between Marc Pacific and Travis Jackson. Features 2 - 4 hand-pulled colors per page including traditional red and blue 3D or all 3 primary process colors with a black linework layer. Comes with a complimentary pair of hand printed & assembled 3rd eye vision glasses. All books 100% hand designed, printed, and assembled randomly so that no 2 books are alike. Although all books have the same content, every zine is completely unique in terms of order and individual layouts. Can be read forwards or backwards, upside down or right side up! There is no correct or incorrect way to view this book. See different images and notice different details every time you read it depending on which way you choose to view it! Get trippy with it! Buy now!! Buy multiple!!! Makes for a great gift!! 
(Very few of these unique expirimental 3D art books remain of the original 60 printed so treat yoself while they last!!!)
1st edition of 15 are sold out. 2nd edition of 45 is almost sold out as well. No more copies will be printed after the 2nd edition sells out.
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